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The “Princess Concerts” -  organized to commemorate the visit of the Princess Maria José of Savoy who came to Ravello in 1933 - was the first music festival to be promoted from Ravello Concert Society. Since then RCS has produced about two thousand events,  featuring in excess of 700 musicians in Ravello and on the Amalfi Coast.  RCS has developed a growing local, national and international reputation as arts promoter, running events with a promise of great music in casual but stimulating environments, with top-flight musicians, an ear for contemporary music and refreshing concert formats. Thanks to the support of its audience, RCS became more and more well established and strong in order to guarantee a yearly planning of events as long-lasting as possible totally indipendent of public funding. The music has touched the souls of thousands of listeners and we’ve helped artists connect with each other and with an international audiences. At RCS there are always great musicians and interesting, engaging music. And there’s always the chance to make new friends, meet the artists and escape from your to-do list for an hour or two. 


MAY 15 In Jazz Style

JUN 15 Fusion Quintet plays the Beatles

JUN 28 In Jazz Style

JUN 29 The fantastic 70's

JULY 18 There is something about the moon

JULY 29 Classical, Tango & Blues

AUG 01 A tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim

AUG 05 Romantic Ballads

SEPT 09 All around ragtime

OCT 12 After You, Mr Bach!

OCT 14 A Touch of Latin

OCT 25 Jazz Cello Suite