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RCS 2017

There are places in the world where, even if you don’t want to, you would bump into. On the contrary there are others so hidden and remote that you would struggle to get to.There are crowded, noisy places that would bring you to  isolation; and there are others so silent and quiet that invite you to pleasantly mingle with people.There are places which are fully-equipped, but cold and impersonal; and others where any single stone would reveal history and traditions in a cozy and intimate atmosphere. If you are looking for such a treasure and rare venue, you’ve got it!
The concert season by Ravello Concert Society  (RCS) is a traditional and well established date in Ravello which over the years has delighted thousands of visitors with a wide range of performances by soloists and chamber music groups. At RCS there are always great musicians and interesting, engaging music. And there’s always the chance to make new friends, meet the artists and escape from your to-do list for an hour or two.
The new season will open on Monday 27th March, with the piano recital by Fabrizio Romano, whose technical prowess and compelling interpretation make him an in-demand performer. It continues with 30 weeks of concerts, until the 3rd December, a sequence of musical events featuring musicians with undeniable skills. 
Several recurring themes are woven throughout the season, such as Hadimova String Quartet multi-year projects of the complete series of quartets by Haydn’s (3th April), Beethoven’s (1st May) and Schubert’s (30th October). Mendelssohn’s series of quartets will be completed on 11th September. Rocchino&Ciocchetti go on performing the whole series of Mozart violin sonatas on 17th April and 10th July, while the first date of the series of Bach cello Suites will be featured by Silvano Maria Fusco on 10th April.
The season will be filled with celebrations of milestones of classical music such as Beethoven, who will be the subject of two recitals by the pianist Giuseppe Maiorca on 27th  May and 16th September and one by Marco Grieco on 13th September; Bach will be celebrated in a recital on 28th April by the pianist Raffaele Maisano, who will also perform Chopin on 30th June and Debussy on 9th September; Marco Grieco will dedicate his piano recital to Liszt on 7th June.
Don’t miss an eclectic season of masterpieces. You will have Beethoven’s and Chopin’s Piano Concertos transcripted for piano & strings performed respectively by the pianist Alessandro Marano with the Deuce String Quintet (31st May, 2nd and 3rd June) and by the pianist Lidia Ciocchetti with Hadimova String Quartet (12th June); then Brahms and Shostakovich Piano Quintets featured by Diomede Piano Quintets (19th June). And the performance of the well established “Nuovo Trio Parsifal” on 3rd July featuring F. Liszt, A. Piazzolla, J. Suk and B. Smetana to look forward to as well as Luca Mennella playing piano ballades by Brahms, Liszt and Chopin on 5th May and most famous classical piano fantaisies on 5th June.
Throughout the season our offer will introduce audiences to our successful “Contaminations”: music should bring us together and open our minds to discovery, innovation and reflection, it resists categorization, then let’s go on contaminating with 14 events which feature an appealing and original crossover of classic, jazz, modern and pop music. Here are some highlights:
On 10th May  Danilo Guido, sax/clarinet and Virginio Aiello, piano, will present “Cole Porter’s World”; on13th July the show ”Mirrors”, by the pianist Francesco Villani, will focus on classical pieces and jazz standards in the mirror with free adaptations from I. Stravinsky, G.B. Pergolesi, J. Coltrane, P. Mascagni, D. Ellington, B. Evans; “From The Americas to Naples” is the theme of the medley of Gershwin Songs, Jazz Standards, Naples Songs and Latin Jazz by the pianist Simone Sala, who will be on show on 31st July; Luca Mennella will commemorate Scott Joplin on the 100th anniversary of his death with the tribute piano recital “All Around Ragtime” on 7th August; Mistrangelo-Maisano two piano duo will play “After You, Mr Bach!”, jazz improvisations on Johann S. Bach Masterpieces (6th October); and last but not least, on 20th October Ivano Biscardi, accordion, and Virginio Aiello, piano, will feature famous Italian film composers in a concert evocatively called “La Dolce Vita”.
In 2017 RCS will launch a new project: “Saties’s Vexations on the Amalfi Coast”. On 3rd August a rotating cast of pianists - selected through a call for application - playing for at least one hour each  will perform “Vexations” by Satie in the form of a marathon concert which will commence at 21:00 and last anything between 20-24 hours.
Our new recital hall, the Ravello Art Center, the former Grand Caruso Wine Cellar, very close to Ravello main square, about 50 m from the parking and 30 m from the bus stop, this years will host all two piano performances (6) as, among the others, 2 recitals by Angione-Finamore, featuring Rachmaninov on 3rd May and music from North to South  America on 27th September.
But let’s not forget our historical location! The Annunziata Historic Building is located on the borderline of Villa Rufolo Park and, with its world famous domes, has been since ever the landmark of Ravello and its Music Festival. The Annunziata  was built in 1281 by Fusco noble family and later became part of the Rufolo family estate. A restoration work was carried out in 1982-1983 bringing the Historic Building to its original romanic style. Since then the complex, with its  two Recital Halls connected by a porch, has been used as location of our concerts.
To coincide with the announcement of the new season of concerts, RCS launches a new user-friendly and responsive interface for tickets purchase. Furthermore - new addition - the virtual ticket has been introduced: a low-cost tool to listen to the live recording of the concert - when available - that you want to keep the memory of. Check on our internet site for further details.
Enjoy some of the most sought-after artists in Ravello’s most acoustically perfect halls! Immerse yourself in great classics or coolest jazz improvisations and be part of an audience who knows how essential chamber music is to the soul.


Jazz Contaminations 2017

Imperato & Micucci - APR.26

Cole Porter's World - MAY 10

Di Tullio & Landrini MAY 17

Loiacono & Valluzzi MAY 24

Tresca & Apicella - JUNE 9

Francesco Villani - JULY 13

SImone Sala - JULY 31

Tribute to Scott Joplin - AUG 7

Angione & Finamore - SEPT 29

Mistrangelo & Maisano - OCT 6

Mattia Mistrangelo - OCT 9

Di Tullio - Landrini - OCT 11

Biscardi & Aiello OCT 13

Valluzzi & Veneziani OCT 27