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A paradise high above the Amalfi Coast whose many facets of beauty are composed of medieval ruins, breath-taking views and luxuriant gardens overlooking at the sea. Lord Byron would have loved it. Wagner was enthralled by its gardens and vistas. Gore Vidal called it home for several months each year. Ravello is an utterly-romantic spot, a pocket-sized paradise perched on a rocky ridge, more than one thousand feet above the sea. Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone with their ravishing gardens and historical assets, the Cathedral with its world known medieval ambones and mosaics and the numberless little chapels scattered along the streets and steps are all part of Ravello: offering its romantic, otherworldly atmosphere to tourists coming from all over the world.
In this evocative atmosphere the Ravello Concert Society (RCS) concert series is a traditional and well-established date, which over the years has delighted thousands of visitors with a wide range of performances by soloists and chamber music groups.
The “Princess Concerts”, organized to commemorate the visit of the Princess Maria José of Savoy who came to Ravello in 1933, was the first music festival to be promoted by the Ravello Concert Society. Since then, RCS has produced over two thousand concerts, featuring more than 800 musicians. In this way it has developed a growing local, national and international reputation as an arts promoter, offering events with a promise of great music in casual but stimulating environments, with top-flight musicians, an ear for contemporary music and refreshing concert formats.
RCS 33rd season of concerts kicks off on Monday 26th of March with the Hadimova String Quartet performing the 12th stage of their multi-year projects of the complete series of quartets by Haydn. The same ensemble will be continuing the series of Schubert’s in 2018 (29th of October) and that of Beethoven’s (the 7th stage on the 23rd of April).
The scope and diversity of the RCS repertoire are increasing every year: the 2018 programme features a total of 94 chamber music concerts. The wide-ranging programme will be rounded off by several well-established event series.
Contaminations: music should bring us together and open our minds to discovery, innovation and reflection; it resists categorization. Afterwards, let’s go on contaminating with 12 events, which feature an appealing and original crossover of classic, jazz, modern and pop music. Here are some highlights:
“A Guitar in frack: Domenico Modugno and '900 Neapolitan songs” with the guitarist Vito Nicola Paradiso on the 14th of May; on Wednesday 23rd of May an "All-Gershwin" Evening, thanks to the virtuosity of the two-piano duo Simone Sala - Giorgio Di Nucci; on Saturday the 30th of June the Musikanten Piano Trio plays the Beatles, featuring some of the most known and loved songs by the Fab Four; while on Monday the 6th of August the pianist Luca Mennella will get inspiration from the starry August nights and showcase the most famous piano pieces with the moon as protagonist. On October the 6th, Paccagnella & D’Aniello cello and piano duo will be on stage with “A touch of Latin” to celebrate the Latin origin-music, with a repertoire from De Falla and Guastavino, to Piazzolla and Chick Corea, passing through Ginastera and Villas-Lobos.
The cycle of theme evenings, devoted to various classical composers: there will be three recitals on Beethoven’s masterpieces (one by Raffaele Maisano on the 30th of April and two by Giuseppe Maiorca on the 26th of May and the 4th of November), two on Schubert (27th of April and 10th of September) and one on Debussy, Schumann, Bach, Dvorak and Rameau respectively on the 19th of May, 9th of June, 24th of September, 17th of October and 2nd of December.
Two-piano performances: as in the past years, they will be hosted in our new recital hall, the Ravello Art Center, the former Grand Caruso Wine Cellar, very close to Ravello main square, about 50 m from the parking and 30 m from the bus stop. Just to cite some of the 8 scheduled shows: the recital by Angione-Finamore, with music from the great ballets by Čajkovskij, Stravinskij and Prokofiev on the 9th of May and the concert by Raffaele Maisano - Mattia Mistrangelo on the 13th of October, with a celebration of the student protest of 1968 on the occasion of its Fiftieth Anniversary.
Tea Time Concert Series: All Sundays, from November the 4th until December the 2nd, complimentary tea, cookies and savoury snacks are served in the Victoria Restaurant (in Rufolo Street, just round the corner on the right of Villa Rufolo entrance) starting from 4:30 pm until 5.30 pm while the concert begins promptly at 6.00 pm.
The upcoming season also includes Chopin’s Piano Concerto n. 2 transcripts for piano & strings performed by the pianist Lidia Ciocchetti with the Hadimova String Quartet (18th of June).
There are places in the world where, even if you don’t want to, you would bump into. On the contrary there are others so hidden and remote that you would struggle to get to. There are crowded, noisy places that would bring you into isolation; and there are others so silent and quiet that invite you to pleasantly mingle with people. There are places which are fully-equipped, but cold and impersonal and others where any single stone would reveal history and traditions in a cosy and intimate atmosphere. If you are looking for such a treasure and rare venue, you’ve got it: the Annunziata Historic Building, our main recital hall, is one of these places! It is located on the borderline of Villa Rufolo Park and, with its world famous domes, it has been since ever the landmark of Ravello and its Music Festival. The Annunziata was built in 1281 by Fusco noble family and later became part of the Rufolo family estate. In 1851 Villa Rufolo was bought by Sir Nevile Reid, a Scottish botanist. He restored the Villa to its antique splendour, adding rare plants to its gardens. A new restoration work was carried out in 1982-1983 bringing the Historic Building to its original Romanic style. Since then, the complex, with its two Recital Halls connected by a porch, has been used as location of our concerts.
To coincide with the announcement of the new season of concerts, RCS launches the virtual ticket: an opportunity to listen to the live recording of a concert if you cannot attend or you want to keep the memory of it. Check on our internet site for further details.
As in the past seasons, the concert’s start time from the 26th of March to the 11th of May and from the 17th of September to the 1st of November will be 7.00 pm, a definitely more suitable time to take advantage of the public bus service at the concert end, which is normally reduced in Autumn and Spring. The concerts from the 14th of May to the 15th of September will be performed at 09.00 pm, for concertgoers to have time to thoroughly appreciate Ravello and to enjoy our music, possibly after a nice dinner in typical Ravello restaurant. The tea time concerts from the 4th of November to the 2nd of December will start at 06.00 pm.
There are around 100 events: ranging from chamber music to jazz contaminations, all experiences as spectacular as the environment we present and produce them in. Come and discover our impressing venues, cosy atmosphere and great acoustic in locations full of history and culture. At RCS there are always interesting, engaging music. In addition, there is always the chance to make new friends, meet the artists and escape from your to-do list for an hour or two.


MAY 14 A guitar in frack

MAY 16 Contaminations for two

MAY 23 An All-Gershwin evening

JUN 30 Musikanten plays the Beatles

JULY 12 Palladino & Di Ienno

JULY 18 Ludovico & Valluzzi

JULY 30 Giuseppe Ganzerli

AUG 02 Tresca e Apicella

AUG 06 Something About the Moon

SEPT 19 Loiacono & Valluzzi

OCT 06 A Touch of Latin

OCT 11 Protest of Love and '68