The Annunziata Historic Building

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The Annunziata Historic Building (also know as RCS Recital Hall) is located just beyond the Villa Rufolo Park: its world famous domes are the landmark of Ravello and its Music Festival. The Annunziata was built in 1281 by the noble family Fusco and later became part of the Rufolo family estate. In 1851 Villa Rufolo was bought by Sir Nevile Reid, a Scottish botanist. He restored the Villa to its antique splendour, adding rare plants to its gardens. A new restoration work was carried out in 1982-1983, bringing the Historic Building to its original romanesque style. Since then the structure, with its two Recital Halls connected by a porch, has been used as location of our concerts. To reach the Annunziata you have to walk down (...and up) 91 steps from the Villa Rufolo main entrance. Another 90 steps downward will take you to a drivable road (Via della Repubblica). In case you booked a taxi, you can ask the driver to pick you up on this road at the end of the concert. Most of Ravello historical and artistic sites can be reached only going up and down by foot. We apologize, but the Amalfi Coast has been growing vertically over the centuries and that makes it so beautiful!


MAY 14 A guitar in frack

MAY 16 Contaminations for two

MAY 23 An All-Gershwin evening

JUN 30 Musikanten plays the Beatles

JULY 12 Palladino & Di Ienno

JULY 18 Ludovico & Valluzzi

JULY 30 Giuseppe Ganzerli

AUG 02 Tresca e Apicella

AUG 06 Something About the Moon

SEPT 19 Loiacono & Valluzzi

OCT 06 A Touch of Latin

OCT 11 Protest of Love and '68