The Ravello Art Center

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We are delighted to introduce you the new Ravello Art Centre at the former Grand Caruso Wine Cellars. Close to Ravello main square, about 50 metres from the the parking lot and 30 metres from the bus stop, the Ravello Art Center is a purpose restored concert hall for chamber music, which is integrated with an exhibition space. It hosts all two-piano concerts. Great care has been taken to ensure that the hall has superb acoustics. The intimacy, which is so vital for chamber music, is preserved through its seating capacity of 100.



MAY 15 In Jazz Style

JUN 15 Fusion Quintet plays the Beatles

JUN 28 In Jazz Style

JUN 29 The fantastic 70's

JULY 18 There is something about the moon

JULY 29 Classical, Tango & Blues

AUG 01 A tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim

AUG 05 Romantic Ballads

SEPT 09 All around ragtime

OCT 12 After You, Mr Bach!

OCT 14 A Touch of Latin

OCT 25 Jazz Cello Suite