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Genre Classical
City Neaples
Country Italy
… loves to mix different styles. He is versatile in alternating music, theatre and cabaret, knowing to acquire through the skilful usage of these mediums the breath of expression suitable to a true artist.
Neapolitan and a pupil of Sergio Fiorentino and Aldo Ciccolini, Fabrizio has in his curriculum enough to qualify him as more than a mere pianist, although his piano is for him a second soul, both the starting point the final goal of his artistic experiments.
His professional choices and the type of career that he has created for himself and that he keeps reshaping will appear the more singular when compared with the Neapolitan reality, which, albeit stimulating, can become problematic when initiatives, no matter how banal, or how brilliant, are finally to be realized… PIANOTIME (Marina Mayrhofer)

FABRIZIO ROMANO has studied under Sergio Fiorentino and Aldo Ciccolini and has improved his qualifications under Viktor Merzhanov in Leningrad also playing with the Leningrad Philarmonic Orchestra.
He has played in some of the most prestigious theatres and renown musical associations both in Italy and abroad, both as a soloist and as a member of  chamber-music groups and has performed  in radio and television programs for RAI, France2, Canal+, Artè, and for the Australian network SBS. In addition he has to his active an intense activity as composer and orchestrator for theatrical performances in Italy, France, Spain and Australia, as well as for cinema and television. He has composed musics for RAI television programs.
His music has been recorded by discographic companies such as “Last Call” (FR), “Because Music” (FR) and “Universal music”. He is currently working as a pianist and arranger with the portuguese artist Misia, with whom he has been in a world tour with the record “Delikatessen Cafè Concerto” and the last record “Para Amalia”, and as a composer with Vittorio Storaro the winner of the Academy Award, and for the “Balletto di Napoli” di Mara Fusco.
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