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Gianluca Di Donato was born in Avellino, in 1972. In early age, he showed an extraordinary gift for playing piano. The child-prodigy pianist has been playing since he was just only five years old. Formally, at the age of eleven, he started his musical studies at the “Cimarosa Academy of music” in Avellino, where he graduated with honours. In 1991, his debut at the International Piano Festival of Amalfi, during which he received the “Mozart plaque” as the youngest pianist in the history of this festival, symbolizes the beginning of his concert career. A lot of concerts were performed for some of the most important Italian musical companies: : “The friends of the music”; The SIEM, in Ancona and Firenze, Bologna, Grosseto, Pesaro, Foggia, Milano, Palermo, Genova, Venezia; “The Palace of Caserta”; “The Ghione Theatre”; “The Victorian Theatre” of Rome; “The Mattiello Theatre of Pompei”; “The Circle of Print”; “The Graenoble” of Naples; “The Big Theatre” of Taormina; “The Walton’s Fondation” of Ischia, Monaco di Baviera, Salisburgo, Walkreiburg, Vienna, Koblenz, Namen, Edemberg. He played for the “St. Charles Theatre” of Naples and for the “International Festival” of Amalfi and Ravello. He studied under the guidance of Aldo Ciccolini, with whom he specialized .He followed Masterclass with Andràs Schiff, Petruschiansky, Bermann, Rattalino, Gianna Valente e Noretta Conci Leech Petruschiansky, Bermann, Rattalino, Gianna Valente e Noretta Conci Leech. In 1998, he won a scholarship at the “Pucciniana Academy” of Isernia. It was an opportunity which led him, among other things, in Germany and Austria, where he performed “The Second Brahmspiano concerto”. During the same year, he was invited to Kaufmann Auditorium, holding a series of seminars at the “Europeene Ecole”. He played in recitals, in chamber ensembles and with full orchestra: ”Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana”, “Orchestra of Sofia’s State”, “Orchestra of Minsk”, “The Wiener Kammerorchester”,“Chamber Orchestra of Biellorussia”, “Chamber Orchestra of Campaniaand of Cilea Theatre” of Reggio Calabria. He performed lessons and lectures about Schubert, Beethoven, Brahms and about the history of nineteenth century German piano literature. In 2006, to celebrate the two hundred fiftieth anniversary of Mozart’s birth, he played and conducted the last ten piano concertos with the symphony orchestra of Minsk. On October 2011, he debuted at “The Musikvereine”of Vienna with “The First piano Concert by Brahms op. 15”. Nowadays, he is collaborating with musicians of great artistic caliber, like: Luigi Piovano, Lilia Ianeva, Alina Taslavan, Elena Skvortsova, The Berliner Philarmoniker Quartett . He also performed three concerts in recital trio and with orchestra, dedicated at the anniversary of two hundred years after the death of Haydn. After the October 2009, for the second time in his career, he is performing, in eight future concerts, Franz Schubert’s complete piano work. He is, in fact, considered one of the best Italian interpreters of this author and the first only Italian pianist who has live performed the entire corpus of Schubert. From the 2013 to 2015 will start a “Mozart Project” with all the piano concertos, piano sonatas, violin sonatas and piano quartet, and masterclass in Europe and South Africa. He took a degree in Arts with a dissertation on the “History of music” and he has written an essay about the pianist Wilhelm Kempff, and one on the musicotherapy. Every year he is invited by high school and University to explain lessons about history of music. In August 2010, during the annual recognition of the most renowned citizen in the province of Avellino, he received the award for the culture, “Tommariello d’oro”. On September 2010, the artist gave an interview used by the satellite tv channel “Tesori D’Irpinia” to dedicate him an interesting documentary entitled: “ Gianluca Di Donato, the Wanderer among Schubert and Morricone.” In November 2011, he recorded a new cd entitled “The Sound From Silence”, containing music of Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. in January of 2013 was released a CD recorded during a his tour in Sweden in 2012 with music by Beethoven. It is a new artistic work which is showing during his future tours in Italy, Germany, Swiss and Romania. In 2013 he received two important awards at “Sublimitas”at culture and “Santa Cecilia” for high artistic merit. From 2014 he is President and Artistic Director of the prestigious sede of Avellino MOZART ITALIA where he teaches courses in basic and advanced training. In 2015 he was released a new CD dedicated to Mozart and starting from 'autumn two season run for the third time the complete cycle of piano sonatas by Schubert; On the occasion of 260 of Mozart's birth in 2016 it will be published an essay on the works of Mozart in 1784 of which will run through its production in three nights and will begin a series of talks and lectures on the works of Mozart and Schubert concert. Always in 2016 it will hold a series of concerts in Italy, Germany, Austria, Romania, Spain, Switzerland.