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An (almost) exhaustive handbook for travellers in the town and surrounding area

This is an update of the guide the Scottish botanist Sir Nevile Reid wrote during the years he spent in Ravello. Reid’s style is fresh and fascinating: he is like a traveller who is moved by every step he takes. We are sure this will be the case for the readers who will be able to find in this guide the traces to follow to discover a larger and more multicoloured territory than they could ever imagine at first sight. The book is divided into three sections. A prelude with the route following the coastal road. Two interludes which report the text by Reid integrated and expanded with 12 itineraries in the mountains and surroundings. A postlude with the essay “The true soul of Ravello” where the archaeologist G. Vallet gave a description of Ravello as unusual as it is poetic and enthralling. It is up to the reader to write the story of a new journey.
Published in collaboration with European University Centre for Cultural Heritage
© 2018 Ravello Arts Council ISBN 978-88-943394-0-6 € 12.50.

Available at Ravello Cathedral Museum, local travel agencies and bookshops and for delivery 

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