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The Annunziata Historic Building is located just beyond the Villa Rufolo Park: its world famous domes are the icon of Ravello and its Music Festival. The Annunziata was built in 1281 by the noble family Fusco and later became part of the Rufolo family estate. In 1851 Villa Rufolo was bought by Sir Nevile Reid, a Scottish botanist. He restored the Villa to its antique splendour, adding rare plants to its gardens. A new restoration work was carried out in 1982-1983, bringing the Historic Building to its original romanesque style. Since then the structure, with its two Recital Halls connected by a porch, has been used as location of our concerts. You can easily reach the concert venue following the footpath at the left of Villa Rufolo main entrance.
In July and August the concerts are held at the Ravello Arts Council Guest House gardens. The Guest House is an ancient tower located among olive trees in Minuta, a hamlet of Scala. It was recently restored and integrated with an open air space set up to host chamber music concerts. From the entire property you can have a terrific view of Ravello hanging over the coast and, in the clear weather, of the Salerno Gulf up to Cilento mountains and Paestum. The distance between the two sites is about 3 km, 35’ on foot and little less than 10’ by car. To reach the concert venues you have to walk down (...and up..!) a certain number of steps (91 for the Annunziata and 130 for the Guest House). Most of Ravello’s historical and artistic sites can be reached only going up and down on foot. We apologize, but the Amalfi Coast has been growing vertically over the centuries and that makes it so beautiful!
The new Ravello Art Centre at the former Grand Caruso Wine Cellars is a purpose restored concert hall for chamber music which is integrated with an exhibition space. It is very close to Ravello main square (Gradillo Street n.1 near St Maria a Gradillo Church), about 50 metres from the the parking lot and 30 metres from the bus stop.
The concerts last about one hour and half, including the intermission. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Let us know your opinion about organisation, venue, music programme and artistic performance and, if you enjoyed the concerts, please note that we record all concerts for future CD release: ask at the box office for the availability or write to:

For the transfer services, as an alternative to public bus service on the Amalfi coast and from/to railway or airport, you may contact one of the following taxi drivers, referring to the agreement with "Ravello Concert Society". As concert reservation holder you will take advantage of a discounted price: phone (+39) 392 931 2431 
Mr Giovanni Fortunato:
Mr Ugo Fortunato:
Mr Claudio Lucibello:
Mr Stefano Schiavo:
Ravello Taxi CAB:
Get Ravello:
Mr Michele Cappotto:

On the evening of the performance, it is also possible to take advantage of a 15% discount on a minimum 2 course meal in the following restaurants. Please show beforehand the booking confirmation:
Al Ristoro del Moro - Via della Repubblica - Tel 089 857901
Garden - Via Boccaccio, 4 - Tel. 089 857226
Parsifal - Piazza Fontana, Tel.089 857144 -
Salvatore - Via Repubblica, 2 - Tel. 089 857227
Villa Maria - Via S. Chiara - 089 857255
Vittoria - Via dei Rufolo, 3 - 089 857947